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American Airlines (Sabre) reservation training .

Welcome to the world of "Travel Career Training" with Air Ship and Shore's Travel School. Our courteous and experienced travel professionals, within our own travel agency, are available for your complete travel career training. We are dedicated to excellence in providing custom designed travel career training to meet our students' needs, one on one - online, from a well established travel agency /school since 1985.


As one of the largest providers of tailored "Travel Career Training" learning solutions, we are also deeply committed to providing a wide variety of choices to students, business professionals, educators, administrators and parents when purchasing our online travel educational course and material. A principle goal of ours is that students around the world now have the access and resources for training on the (Sabre) American Airlines system, offered in 3 different languages. For those interested in entering into the exciting world of the travel industry, our class can make a difference in your academic career and, ultimately, your lives.

Our Travel Career Training School is made up of complementary travel material used in the travel Industry that help provide the training products and services you need for learning and getting into the business. What we provide - and how we provide it - go beyond just textbooks and programs. We offer "one on one" - personal training" with live assistance on your own personal computer in the convenience of your own home. By offering a full range of learning resources to stay current within the travel industry, we offer additional personal assistance and solutions that evolve with you and for you. Like offering our students an opportunity in outside sales positions, with affiliate companies within your area, upon completion. We also offer assistance in getting a travel web site designed and ready for you and/or your new company , upon completion.  Our outstanding personalized Travel Career Training is the opportunity of a lifetime in the travel business.


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The career opportunities in the travel industry are virtually unlimited....................


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The quickest promotions within the travel industry are normally offered to those already trained or already working in the field. The  formal training, such as Air Ship and Shore's, Travel Career Training School offers could have you working in this exciting field of travel within a couple of months!

The "Travel Career Training" w/ Air Ship and Shore Travel School helps students acquire the knowledge and expertise which can make them a prime candidate for further employment within this fast growing industry.

Our full time instructors work closely with you, the insure your understanding of all of our career training material with(Sabre) American Airlines computer reservation training .


Our reputation has already been established on our

24 years of satisfaction!


Online Training w/Phone assistance will include:


  • American Airlines (Sabre) computer training
  • Referencing Travel Material/Books
  •  Ticketing Formats w/Airline Reservations
  •  Telephone Reservation- forms 
  •  Cruise Booking- forms 
  •  Land & Air Packages
  •  Hotel & Car Booking - forms 
  •  Amtrak Information
  •  Travel Forms (Passports, etc.)
  •  Resume Assistance
  •  Sales Procedures


Cost Includes:

Travel certificate upon completion

Resume and job placement assistance

$50 per person for student referrals.

Travel Web Site assistance 



Eight Week Training Program

Home study material - four weeks

Online/Over the Phone Training - four weeks

(Classes are "one on one"  training. Our training is held online from an operational licensed and bonded travel agency.)


 Travel Classes
Package - A Package - B Package - C
Geography Geography Geography
Airline Codes Airline Codes Airline Codes
Airline Computer Training Airline Computer Training

Airline Computer Training

  *Cruise Course *Cruise Course
    *How to Start a  Travel Agency
Registration  $195  $195  $195
Home Study Material  $500  $500  $500
Airline Computer Training







 Total:  $1595  $1795  $1995
 *training CD  checked out with Deposit  
 Hardware & System Requirements  

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