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 OUR to help individuals learn about the travel industry in order to succeed as a travel professional, in an agency or pursuing a home-based travel business.

Air Ship & Shore Travel School is an online travel career education center for individuals interested in pursuing a career as a travel agent or establishing a home-based travel agency. 
Home based Travel Agents are the fastest growing segment of the travel agency industry. Now is the time to start your own home-based travel business and enjoy the opportunities. Selling travel is fun, exciting and rewarding.  Spend your day traveling the world while helping your client plan a vacation of their dreams! Training is very important if you want to pursue your own travel business. Just like any field, you must learn the intricate details of what we do as travel agents so you can provide the best service to your future customers.
Our online Travel Career Training- concentrates on destination geography, airline, car, hotel, rail, tour packages and cruise reservations. We also offer assistance on How to start a travel agency & Setting up your Personal Travel Agent Web Site.






If you’re thinking about starting a career as a travel agent and like the idea of working from your home, a home based business may be right for you. With today’s technology, working from home is more realistic than you think. More and more travel agents are turning to home based businesses giving them more flexibility and benefits working from home.
If beginning a career in travel has always appealed to you, you are taking the right steps to get involved in this exciting industry. Our Travel Career Training will help you learn the intricate details of developing excellent travel agent skills and help you learn the steps to build your home-based business. 
You might ask yourself whether you should spend the money on training, or is this something I can just figure out for myself?  You should be asking yourself, can I afford not to get the training I need to succeed.  Travel agents require specific skills and knowledge in order to serve their clients. If you are going to take the time and money to learn a new career, investing in a structured training program will help you succeed.
Although the number of independent travel agents in the travel industry are currently unknown, the industry does know that independent travel agents are reshaping the way travel is sold, distributed and compensated.  Many travel suppliers are aggressively working with independents and offering their support in marketing efforts. Although there is a decline in the number of travel agencies in operation today we do know there are no fewer agents.  Much of this has to do with the consolidation of smaller agencies by mega agencies, but a great number can also be attributed to agents turning independent. 
Independents are the fastest growing segment of the travel industry. So if you are thinking about starting a career as a home-based travel agent, now is the time to get started! 





Air Ship & Shore Travel Agency - Cruises For Less - America Travel Specialist Opportunities
Our affiliate agency’s are always looking for well-trained, qualified travel specialists to work in their locations throughout Michigan and Florida. Air Ship & Shore Travel School-Travel Career Training uses the training center as a source to hire people interested in beginning a career as full-time/part-time travel agent. The training you receive online or at the Travel Career Training School is a good foundation to get you started with a career as a travel sales specialist. Air Ship & Shore Travel Agency like all travel agencies look for people with good sales skills, excellent customer service skills, detail oriented, the willingness to learn and most importantly have already completed a travel school program for the basic travel industry knowledge you need to get a good start in the business. If working in a travel agency is a goal of yours and you live in the Marco Island, -Naples Florida area, or the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, then opportunities may be available for you in your location!*
*Job placement with Air Ship & Shore, Inc. or any travel agency is not guaranteed. The Job openings the school receives will be passed on to students but does not guarantee a job offer. Once the job lead is given to the student, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the agency, arrange an interview and follow-up with the lead. It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to pursue the job search. If job leads are not available in your city or location, we can provide a listing of travel agencies in your area so you can pursue your job search. 

Home-based Travel Agent
Work at home operating your own home-based travel agency. Specialize in a certain type of travel or be a full service agent offering all travel services. Work your own hours and enjoy the convenience of working from your home. You can also receive the travel agent discounts available to industry professionals once industry requirements are met.

Cruise Only Home-based Travel Agent
Work at home specializing in selling cruises! Cruising is the hottest and fastest growing segment in the travel industry.  Selling cruises is fun and offers a satisfying vacation to travelers. (Plus you will have the opportunity to cruise at fantastic rates!)


Leisure/Vacation Travel Counselor
Work in a travel agency as a leisure travel counselor. Assist customers with their leisure travel plans and advise them of all their travel needs. Vacation travel counselors usually offer full travel services; airline reservations, cruise, tour, package, car and hotel reservations.

Corporate Travel Specialist
A corporate travel specialist assists business travelers with their arrangements. Business travelers' needs include air, hotel and car rentals.  Many corporate agents will arrange or assist business travelers on special meeting fares to a city for a discount.  A corporate agent must be very quick, efficient and organized. Good computer skills are a must for this position. (Back to the Top)

Group Travel Planner
A group travel planner works exclusively with groups, a minimum of 10 or more passengers.  The planner works with the tour leader or organizer in developing an itinerary and making all arrangements for the group, such as hotels, transportation, group meals, group sightseeing, local tours and any special functions the group would like to include.

Meeting & Incentive Planner
A meeting & incentive planner usually works with businesses in planning company meetings and/or conventions.  The planner will negotiate hotel room rates, meeting space, meal inclusions and meeting equipment needs.  Incentives are trips offered to company employees who have reached certain goals or company recognition. The incentive trip planning includes choosing the destination, hotels and activities for the incentive group.
(Back to the top)

Cruise Lines
Cruise lines have many positions available within their companies but most people start in the reservation department.  Relocation to the company's reservation center is required.  Reservationists work directly with travel agents in making cruise reservations.  (back to the top)

Tour Companies
Work with a tour company in reservations, tour planning, negotiating, tour directing or escorting. Tour companies typically require people to have experience before hiring.  Tour companies are located throughout the world and relocation usually is necessary to work for these companies.

Hotels have many positions to offer. New agents to the travel and hospitality industry will start working at the front desk.  From this position you can work toward a job as the front desk supervisor, reservations agent, reservations supervisor, sales and catering staff or restaurant and housekeeping positions. Hotels are of course located around the world so working for hotels or resorts can take you many places.(back to the top)

Car Rental Firms
Work as reservationists or customer service representative.  Car rental firms also have sales positions that include making calls on travel agencies or businesses and selling  car rental services.

Work in the reservation department, in an airport as a ticket counter agent or customer service representative. Airlines also have sales positions available, and probably the most appealing job with the airlines is working as a flight attendant. Airlines offer extensive training for flight attendants and relocation may be required.
(Back to the top)

Convention & Visitor Bureaus
Work for a convention and visitor bureau to help promote leisure and business travel to a city.  Bureau positions require excellent customer service and sales skills. Administrative positions or sales positions may also be an option with the bureaus. 
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Air Ship & Shore Travel Agency/Cruises For Less and the Travel Career Training School  was developed by Tresa Nielsen Longcore during 1985-1991 and is proud to offer training online. This training allows Tresa to work one on one, training individuals who have the desire to pursue a career as a travel professional. Tresa opened this online travel school when she saw the need for a training program to help individuals get the education they need to get started in the travel industry.

Tresa began her career in the travel industry in 1982 by attending Southwestern travel school in Kissimmee, Florida and has worked 27 years opening several doors in this fast growing industry. Her agency experiences include:

  • Leisure Agent
  • Cruise Agent
  • Groups, Meetings & Incentive Travel Planner
  • Corporate Travel Agent
  • Training Coordinator
  • Marketing & Customer Service
  • Travel School Director – Instructor – Owner
  • To add to Tresa’s entrepreneurial experiences is to include, American Airlines Computer Training School, president and CEO of Cruises For Less Inc.,, member and fundraiser for (FOE) Eagles, a non profit organization of “families helping families”. She also serves on the Marco Island Woman Club, helping local students by raising funds for college scholarships. Tresa’s passion for helping with education stems from being an involved mother, volunteer and someone with a vision that business is an important element in developing self-worth and self esteem in the education of students.


image003Since 1985, Tresa has concentrated on many aspects of training and education in the travel industry. She’s been an instructor for both theory and computer for 27 years.  She’s helped hundreds of students/agents and clients carry out their life long dreams and goals. Tresa states; “whatever your goal is, approach it with enthusiasm, optimism and with a smile on your face. I have helped others to succeed……. I’m sure you will too! My Home-Based Agent Program is only a click away. My personal travel agency and affiliates enables me to stay current with industry news, trends, suppliers and destinations.”
Tresa Nielsen Longcore  • Owner/ Director • Instructor - Travel Career Training School

Air Ship & Shore “Travel Career Training School” is a member of the following travel industry organizations:




Most people that enter the travel industry typically have a passion to travel! What better way to spend your day than researching and planning trips for your clients. It is very hard work but the travel industry does offer its rewards to dedicated and hard working travel professionals.
In order to use the many benefits available to travel professionals, you must have the Travel Agent ID card from IATAN. This card is issued only to bona fide travel agents who have worked in an agency for a minimum of six months. The travel agency manager will add the employee's name to the IATAN list and when their six month anniversary has arrived, the employee will be given the IATAN application to apply for the card.  The IATAN card must be renewed yearly for a nominal fee. The IATAN card is the property of the travel agency and upon termination of employment, this card must be returned back to the agency. You must also meet other requirements to be eligible for this ID card. Following are the requirements as stated from the IATAN website:


The applicant must meet ALL of the following conditions:

  1. Be an owner, employee or an independent contractor of an IATAN accredited location.
  2. Be registered with IATAN.
  3. Devote a minimum of 20 hours per week to the business of selling travel.
  4. Earn a minimum of USD 5,000 in salary and/or commissions in the prior 12 months.
  5. Be at least 18 years of age

Another form of identification for the travel industry is CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association). This is a membership organization consisting of cruise lines, travel agencies and travel agents.  Travel Agents that join CLIA and become a member will receive the CLIA identification card.  This card is also renewed on a yearly basis. CLIA does verify your travel sales yearly to determine if you are eligible for the card.  This card will also allow you to access the benefits available to travel professionals.

So what are the travel benefits?


The cruise lines offer travel industry rates for bona fide travel agents. The rates can vary from $35.00 - $50.00 per person per day.  The travel professional is allowed to bring one companion at the same rate.


Hotels and car rental firms offer discounts to travel industry personnel. The discounts can vary from 10% up to 50% off normal rates. These discounts are subject to availability and offered at the discretion of the supplier.


Many escorted tour companies will offer substantial discounts on their tours. These discounts will also vary but are typically 10% - 50% off the retail price.

One of the most appealing benefits to travel agents is the opportunity to go on a FAM Trip! FAM is short for familiarization.  Special trips are organized specifically with the travel professional in mind. They are offered by tour companies, hotels, convention and visitor bureaus, airlines and cruise lines. The purpose of these trips are to familiarize the agent with the product so the agent can in turn sell these products to their clients.  By experiencing the products first hand, agents can sell these trips more effectively. These trips can be totally free of charge or have a nominal fee to cover the expenses of the trip.  Either way, the price will beat the retail rate sold to the public.  Most travel agencies have a FAM trip policy and will allow an agent to participate in one FAM Trip a year.  Home Based Travel Agents can participate in these trips as well. FAM Trips do require agent identification (IATAN or CLIA ID Card.)
Suppliers offer many booking incentive programs to travel agents which can also allow them to earn travel benefits.  These vary from company to company and are offered randomly. Many larger travel agencies offer their own incentive programs to their employees and offer travel benefits for the top producing agents.  Travel industry professionals have a passion for the industry and love to travel! A travel agent has many opportunities not only to sell but see the world!





Air Ship & Shore’s Travel Career Training is a combination correspondence and online training. Time and place independence is one of the major advantages of taking an online course via the Internet. This means that you can "attend class" anytime and anywhere you have access to a computer. To be successful in this training method you need to establish good study habits. 
The following habits will help you become a successful correspondence and online Internet student:

  • Schedule your "class" time weekly, just as if you were physically going to class.
  • Try to do all of your online work and study in the same place.
  • Establish a schedule of when you will be online and when you will study.  Stick to that schedule.
  • Schedule your learning when you will not be interrupted.
  • Schedule your online time so that you will be online 3-4 times a week.  This is important for a  number of reasons.  Your instructor may be sending you email which you might need for your work.

To "turn in" your work, you will complete your assignments and submit online.
A successful distance learning student will understand the importance of following a schedule. 
You will need some basic skills utilizing the Internet, email and Microsoft Word. Following are some skills you should be familiar with: 

  • Complete and submit online forms
  • Utilize email effectively
    • Send, open, reply to and forward messages
    • Send, open and save attachments
  • Utilize search engines
    • Finding websites
    • Doing online research
  • Click on icons, buttons, image maps, and hyperlinks
  • Create and use bookmarks

If you are not computer savy and not comfortable with these skills, we suggest you develop these skills prior to taking an on-line course.
There are many advantages to participating in an online course.  Some include:

  • A distance learning course can be done anywhere and at any time.
  • Students save money by not having to commute to class thus saving time, gasoline, childcare, and travel expenses.
  • Distance learning takes advantage of new technologies and encourages students to be innovative
  • Students who are motivated and/or quick learners can move ahead at a faster rate than in a normal class setting. 
  • Because most contact with instructors will be done via email, especially in online courses, messages can be sent at any time day or night. Keep in mind, however, response may not be immediate.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)  


What qualifications do I need to begin a career in travel & tourism? 
Most tourism employers do not require a college certificate or degree to begin working.  However, many employers, especially in the travel agencies, prefer to hire people that have participated in a travel school training program. Travel agency managers simply do not have the time to teach you the basics of the industry. Computer skills are very important and any experience in sales and marketing will be to your advantage. A love of travel attracts many people to the field but to succeed, agents must have a desire to be service oriented. They must be friendly, articulate, well groomed, organized, accurate and detail oriented. Good business skills and the knowledge of geography are also very important to succeed as a travel agent.  

Do travel and tourism employees receive lots of travel perks? 
The travel benefits in certain sectors are very good. Most airlines, hotels, car rental companies and cruise lines extend special discounts to travel industry professionals. Airlines offer up to 75% discount off full fares to travel agents. Cruise lines extend a flat rate to travel agents to cruise for as little as $50 per person per day!  Travel agents have the opportunity to earn free or discounted travel by booking incentives offered by the tour companies and cruise lines as well as participate in FAM trips. Visit the travel industy benefits page to learn more! 

What are the job opportunities in travel and tourism? 
Our program concentrates on the skills required to become a travel agent but the travel and tourism industry is comprised of many different segments. These include tour operators, car rental companies, airlines, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, meeting planners, corporate travel managers, theme parks and attractions as well as others.

What is the employment outlook in Travel and Tourism? 
Travel and tourism is America’s third largest retail industry employing 1 out of every 17 U.S. residents.  It’s considered one of the largest employers in 29 of the 50 U.S. states.  The past few years have brought many challenges to the industry but the need for qualified people will continue to grow. Agencies are experiencing a shortage of qualified travel agents when it comes time for hiring. Although people may be concerned about the current economy and about its effects on travel growth, spending on travel and tourism does and will rebound from recessionary periods.  As travelers begin taking more exotic and customized trips, the demand for the specialized services offered by travel agents will be on the rise. Many consumers still prefer to use a professional travel agent to plan a complete trip; to deal with more complex transactions; to ensure reliability; to suggest excursions or destinations that might otherwise be missed; to save time; or, in some cases, to save money. In addition, higher projected levels of travel, especially from businesses and retiring baby boomers will offset the loss of routine transactions. Furthermore, luxury and specialty travel is expected to increase among the growing number of Americans who are seeking exotic and unique vacations and a growing part of travel agents’ business is organizing and selling tours for the growing number of international visitors.

How has the Internet affected the tourism industry? 
Travel and tourism is a service intensive field, which requires human contact the Internet cannot supply. Even travel agents who were expected to be pushed aside by the Internet are still in great demand. In fact, many people that book on the Internet end up returning to the travel agent for assistance and advice because of a bad experience booking on their own.  By booking with a travel agent, the traveling public has someone they can contact for questions, issues or problems prior, during or after travel. Who do you call if you book on the Internet?  A prime example of the services provided by travel agents is the unfortunate events that took place on September 11, 2001. As we all know, the airlines were grounded immediately and not able to resume flying for several days. This left many travelers stranded with no options.  For those travelers who booked with a travel agent, they had someone to call for up to date information. They didn’t have to wait in the long lines at the airports to get their flights rescheduled.  The travel agent community stayed in constant contact with their clients to keep them abreast of the situation.   For those clients within driving distance of their destination, agents were booking car reservations on the spot to let their customers know a car was waiting for them. Hotel reservations were arranged immediately for those people who were to far from their destination to drive.  What about the people that booked on the Internet or directly with the airlines? They had to wait in the long lines and sleep at the airports for days until flights were resumed.  The Internet is a great tool and travel agents use it on a daily basis for researching and booking online with travel suppliers but it is not going to close down the travel agencies!

How much money can I make working as a travel agent?
Salaries will vary from region to region in the United States but the typical frontline travel agent with experience earns an average salary of $26,100 annually. Some frontline agents will receive straight salary while others are paid salary and commission. You might even find some agencies paying agents a commission percentage only. For the true sales person with a large client base and repeat business, being paid based on commission can be very lucrative.   Independent contractors or home-based travel agents are paid strictly on commission and usually earn a certain percentage of commissions they generate by the hosting travel agency. Entry-level travel agents will start at a lower rate of pay ($18,000 - $24,000) but with experience and selling skills, the pay will increase over the years.  Travel agents with good selling and customer service skills working on commission have the opportunity to get their pay scale to a high level. Some agents on a commission arrangement can make in excess of $75 thousand annually. Just like any sales job, the more you sell, the more you make! Travel agency managers average a salary of $33,400 per year.  Benefits to travel agency employees will vary from store to store but most large agencies have the full range of benefits; health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, paid holidays and vacations. 

Do I really need training to get a job in a travel agency? 
You will find that most travel agencies will not hire unless the candidate has previous travel industry experience or travel school training. Managers simply do not have the time to train you on the basics of the industry.  Our program will give you a good overall understanding of the skills required to be a travel agent and help you advance more quickly in your position.

Do I need to be licensed to be a travel agent? 
Travel agents do not require a "license" to work in an agency but there is a Travel Sellers License required in several states in order to sell travel in that area. Currently, 14 states have regulations that mention travel sellers specifically require a license. This list is subject to change so always check with your local state government to verify what your state regulates. 
California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia and Washington

Do I have to be certified? 
Obtaining your first job as a travel agent does not require you to be certified. Our program will give you a certificate of completion showing you have successfully passed the training, but to become a certified travel agent requires 18 months work experience.  The first step in certification is to become a Certified Travel Associate. After 5 years of work experience you can earn your Certified Travel Counselor certification with The Travel Institute which is the industries educational organization that certifies travel agents after you have worked in the field.

This will be a second career for me. Am I to old to get into this industry? 
Absolutely not! The travel industry attracts all age groups. The travel and tourism industry considers all candidates for employment. 

Do you have a specific question?
Send us an email and we will be happy to answer your questions!



Welcome to Air Ship & Shore’s On-line Travel Career Training  Education Program. 


You are about to enter the exciting world of travel and learn the many skills required to become successful in this field.  Becoming a travel agent is not an easy task. A travel agent has to be very knowledgeable and our course will get you started with the basic information you will need.  You will find however, learning never stops in this business and is one of the many reasons people enjoy this field.


On-line Travel Career Training education is very different from a traditional classroom setting.   It takes self-discipline, determination and a commitment on your part to complete this extensive program. This program is designed to train you how to become a travel agent with the option of pursuing a career with a travel agency or the knowledge to open your own home-based travel business.  Opening your own business also requires self-discipline, determination and the commitment to succeed so you are an ideal candidate for this course.

AIRLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM TRAINING (included in all Packages below A , B or C)

The current trend in travel agencies regarding computerization is the use of the Computer Reservation Systems (CRS) and Global Distribution Systems (GDS). There are basically four vendors of reservation systems. They are: Sabre - Apollo (Galileo) – Worldspan - Amadeus

They all work about the same way and access primarily the same databases for their information. The systems charge other travel suppliers for the right to market their products and services through these systems. You will find most travel agencies utilize these systems for reservations but with the advancement of the Internet, many suppliers are now offering web based booking engines.

The main difference between the CRS and the web based booking engines are the techniques in utilizing the systems. The computer reservation systems are completely keyboard driven and you must learn the formats in order to operate it efficiently. The web based booking engines are the point and click environment. 

Travel Career Training School offers Sabre training. This is one of most popular systems used in the industry.  Many students are concerned about learning one system and then applying to an agency that uses another system.  This usually will not be a major factor.  As long as you understand a computer reservation system, converting to another system is not too complicated. They all work under the same technique; it will just be a matter of learning a new format.  Most agencies are willing to train you on the new system. 

 The course is an introduction to the system and will teach you the following:


How to build a complete Passenger Name Record (PNR)

Changing, deleting and creating optional PNR fields

How to use the CRS help program

Airline reservations (availability, flight service information, classes of service)

Fare quotes, pricing and ticketing

Car reservations

Hotel reservations



What is a “FAM” Trip?
FAM is short for "familiarization" which is travel offered to travel professionals at a reduced rate so they can inspect hotels and restaurants, sample the attractions, and experience the local culture. This is one of the many "perks" available to travel industry personnel. Travel agencies offer these trips to their employees to help increase their knowledge so they can share that knowledge with their clients.  Most travel agencies have a "FAM" policy but you should find that most agencies will allow their agents to attend one FAM trip a year. If you work as a home-based travel agent, these FAM opportunities are also available to you.  As the owner of your own company, you can participate in FAM trips throughout the year.

As you get started in the industry you will start seeing information on these trips and will have many opportunities to participate in them. Most suppliers do require agents to have an IATAN Travel Agent ID card and be affiliated with a travel agency.    


Are you contemplating a new career or business opportunity in the travel industry? Let us teach you how to pursue a job working in a travel agency or learn how to setup your own home-based travel business. Explore our website to learn about this exciting career. If you require additional information, you can contact us in several ways.  We will be more than happy to discuss with you the many opportunities in the travel industry and how you can become a part of this exciting career. 

Submit this form with your questions and we will respond as soon as possible. 
Call us at (616) 696-3100 or (800) 255-2784. Please leave a message if no one is available to take your call.

Hours of availability at this number is: 
Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm Eastern time.

Send us an email:
Fax us your request or questions: (616) 636-8332
Drop us a note or letter: 

Air Ship & Shore Travel School
ATTN: Tresa Nielsen Longcore
4791 14 Mile Road
Rockford, MI  49341

Feel free to explore the site to learn more about a career as a travel professional!




 Travel Classes

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Airline Computer Training

Airline Computer Training


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Airline Computer Training








 *training CD  checked out with Deposit - Total eight week training course

 Hardware & System Requirements  

Free Travel
When you organize a group of 16 or more to the same destination on the same dates - your cruise is free!



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